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Earth's Surface covered
(in Miles)
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TeliportMe lets you explore places through the images and panoramas taken by our users through the apps on Android and iOS. We aim to bring complex computer vision techniques out of science fiction into your everyday life. To experience and be a part of our vision, join us by downloading our first app 360.
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Vineet Devaiah
Made his first website when he was 10 and quickly realized that he is better at selling software than making them. Exited his first successful startup at 15, and has been involved in various tech and non tech startups since as a consultant. He is a graduate from Cornell University and has headed the US and International Business Development at Terracycle Inc named as "The Coolest Little Start-Up in America by Inc Magazine".
Siddharth Sivaraman
Our resident image processing expert. Sid started his programming life with writing standalone desktop software but quickly moved to developing web based applications. He has worked on various projects on a variety of different languages and platforms, his favorite being Python and C++. His other passions include reading books and writing.
Vikram Kamath
He's the man behind the TeliportMe servers, and is literally the back bone of the company. His work ranges from implementing this website to designing and maintaining our API and our back-end architecture. All the TeliportMe services rest on his expertise and consequently he's the one person who is not allowed to take holidays! He likes playing chess, meeting complete strangers and maintaining his anonymity.
Mahesh Haridevan
Mahesh is the creative side of TeliportMe. He's our resident designer and product guy. Mahesh garnered an affection for the creative arts at an early age, and has been involved with multiple design startups in not only creating but also spreading awareness about good design. When he's not thinking out of the box for TeliportMe, he goes on exotic travels, likes to study birds and experiments with photography.
Varun Nayak
He's our go-to guy for anything android. Be it experimenting with custom ROMs or implementing complex interfaces on android, Varun is the man for the job. He has been working on android from its very early days and has successfully published quite a few applications of his own. He is behind a lot of the magic that you see in the 360 android app. When he's not pushing the limits of android in TeliportMe he pursues his interest in bikes and travel.
Jesly Varghese
He's our newest member and is our resident Yoda for iOS. Along with Mahesh he's responsible for wowing the iOS users with our new iPhone app. He started his career building back-end architectures in PHP but after finding it inadequate switched over to Ruby. Eventually he found the NSCoder in him and has been making iOS apps ever since. His other interests include reading books and experimenting with technologies like Raspberry-Pi.
Our most productive team member! He toils day and night to bring the best out of our products. Always astounds us with his creative ideas and intricate planning to increase user engagement. He only uses 360 for social networking. Download our app to find him there.
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